Low-PIM RF adaptor

Zhenjiang Fourstar Electronics, a leading manufacturer of RF and microwave coaxial connectors and cable assemblies in China, is introducing a full line of low-PIM adapter.  Available for 7/16 and Type N within-series applications and 7/16 between-series (Type N and SMA) applications, the new high-performance line of adapters complements low-PIM cable assemblies.

“Paying close attention to material selection and manufacturing practices has paid big dividends in the performance and reliability of this impressive line of low-PIM adapters,” stated  our engineer goal , “Without a doubt, this new line has pushed the boundaries of adapter performance, particularly with smaller interfaces.”

Available in straight for test applications, and four-hole flange & bulkhead for system integrations, the new  low-PIM adapters assure reliable service with PIM performance beyond -170dBc.  The within series DIN-7/16 adapters are designed with 100 psec electrical lengths which allow for easy adapter substitutions when involved with phase matched measurements.  Likewise, the DIN-7/16 to Type N adapters are designed with 225 psec electrical lengths supporting calibration and substitution methods.