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High Density RF Connectors suit broadcast video applications

HDBNC high density RF interconnects are ideal for broadcast video applications requiring high density panel arrays that result in additional strain on the interface due to ganged cabling.

HDBNC connectors are based on the familiar quarter-turn BNC coupling design, but with patented advancements permitting a four-fold increase in panel density compared to traditional BNCs, while maintaining the true 75 ohm performance and robust mechanical properties users expect from a BNC interface. HDBNC interconnect products are dual-sourced with Amphenol.

HDBNC connectors are compliant with SMPTE-292M and 424M standards, and optimized for systems up to 3 GHz, with extended performance up to 6 GHz for high density requirements of future systems. These small form-factor RF connectors are about 20 percent lighter than traditional BNCs and are available in vertical, right angle, and edge mount for PCB applications. Cable plugs for Belden 1694A and 1855A cables are also available. The crimp style plugs use industry standard field kit termination tools, making them ideal for accommodating high density panel arrays with space constraints.

The robust design of the bayonet style coupling system provides a new level of mated reliability, particularly in those high density applications with ganged cabling and other complex cable routing. In addition, the closed entry center contact system ensures proper mating for optimized signal transmission without damage to the contact.