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Microwave ,RF Connector,Cable assembly Blog Online now
2013-05-05 09:53:04

This Blog for gather microwave industrial news and technology research.

Following is why we make this blog.

When you blog, you are not only blogging for your business, you also have a greater purpose. It’s to develop a relationship with your customers and visitors. As mentioned before, a blog provides a “conversation” with your audience. When you “converse” with your audience, you develop that relationship.


What is a relationship? It is developing trust and gaining favorable reputation with your customers. This takes time. No one wants a “relationship” thrust upon them in a short time. Japanese businessmen have a ritual where they have to know you for quite a long time before they will do business with you. They have inner patience to “give and take” within this relationship and make it in their best interests to do business with you. It is not because they got “burned” from some unscrupulous business scammer, rather, it just makes sense that they feel comfortable doing business with you after judging from your actions that likely to prove you are worthy to do business with.


It makes good sense to keep your blog content consistent to “prove” to your visitors that you are real and have value to offer them. If you sell at all, it comes down to how people buy. They buy from people they “like, know & trust.” It has been written in many creditable sales books that the relationship is the key to successful selling.


So, when blogging, keep this principle in mind. You should take the time to lay out consistent and relevent content that you know your visitors will appreciate and use. Don’t waste your time, and their time, in content that has no value. Also, keep asking your visitors and customers what they want to see in your blog. Let them have a “voice” in what they want to see from you. I guarantee that you cannot second guess your customers on what they want from you. Asking what they want in content, what kind of additional service or product your business can provide, will be very important to your business.


Your blog’s sole purpose is truly a collaboration between your business and your customer.

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