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How to make a N connector
2019-04-29 14:10:18

How to make a N connector

How to make a N connector in workshop. 


N connector is a popular type of RF connector.

Most of people curiously want to know how RF connector make.

Here you go:

Product name: N Jack Rear Bulkhead  for RG316 RF connector.

Material: body, contact, insulator, star washer,nut,seal ring.

Machines: punching press, crimping plier, network anaylzer. 

N RF Connector drawing


N Connector

Put contact into insulator.


Step 2:

Put insulator into body,punch in by punch press.


Step 3:



Punch the contact to a right and accurate interface dimenstion.


Step 4. 

Install nut,star washer,seal ring to the body. 

The end.

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