How To Test SMA RF Connector For PCB
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How To Test SMA RF Connector For PCB

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The return loss (VSWR) of the RF connector is a significant characteristic in the RF business, and achieving a low return loss is our primary priority.

For connectors built with cable, such as SMA plug crimping for RG174, we test the connector with an RG174 using a vector network analyzer.

We may immediately test the RF adapter using a vector network analyzer.

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But how do we test the PCB type of an RF connector?

For example: SMA female straight for PCB through-hole.

The SMA connector cannot be connected to a cable.

We have two solutions for test these kind of connectors.


Solution one:

LenoRF designed a typical test PCB board with 50 OHMS. This PCB uses a special board material to get a higher dielectric constant; the popular brand is Rogers, and the board material is ceramic or PTFE. The end user will be able to easily test the return loss.

SMA test

Solution two:

Another option is to create a fixtures that will hold two SMA connectors together and act as a SMA adapter. This fixture must be very exact, or else some errors will arise owing to contact resistance and bad contact.

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