Mini Balun 1.6/5.6 L9 to IDC AWG24/26 RF Connector
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Mini Balun 1.6/5.6 L9 to IDC AWG24/26 RF Connector

  • MB-1656-151-1


Part No MB-1656-151-1
Description Mini Balun 1.6/5.6 L9 male straight to IDC AWG24/26 RF Connector
Connector Series 1.6/5.6
Connector Type male
Contact Termination IDC KRONE
Shield Termination Crimp
Impedance 75-120Ohm
Mounting Type Free Hanging
Cable Group AWG 24/26
Fastening Type SNAP ON
Frequency - Max DC-6GHz
Body Material Brass
Body Finish Gold
Center Contact Material Brass
Center Contact Finish Gold
Dielectric Material Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)
Voltage Rating 375V
Working Temperature -65°C ~ 165°C

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