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Fischerscope X-ray XULM
2013-05-26 18:05:54


X-ray tube with W-anode and glass window or
micro-focus X-ray tube with W-anode and
beryllium window. Maximum operating conditions:
50 kV, 50W
Proportional counter tube as X-ray detector
Aperture: fixed or 4-x automatically exchangeable,
0.05 x 0.05 mm to Ø 0.3 mm
Primary filter: fixed or 3-x automatically
Adjustable measuring distance 0 – 27.5 mm
Fixed sample support or manual XY-stage
Video camera for optical observation of the
measurement location along the axis of the
primary X-ray beam. Crosshairs with calibrated
scale (ruler) and display of the measurement
Design-approved, fully protected instrument
compliant with the German X-ray ordinance

Typical fields of application
Measurement of coatings such as Au/Ni/Cu/
PCB or Sn/Cu/PCB in the PC Board industry
Coatings on connectors and contacts in the
electronics industry
Decorative coatings Cr/Ni/Cu/ABS
Electroplated coatings such as Zn/Fe, ZnNi/Fe
as corrosion protection on mass-produced parts
(screws and nuts)
Jewellery and watch industry
Determination of the metal content of electroplating

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