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  • 2022-04-09

    Introduction of SMP RF Connectors

    BriefSMP (GPO®) RF connector is a new type of blind mating RF coaxial connector and the maximum frequency can reach 40GHz., which has the characteristics of high frequency, fast connection, and strong vibration resistance, allowing a certain mismatch in the axial and radial direction. It is especial

  • 2022-03-27

    How To Test SMA RF Connector For PCB

    The return loss (VSWR) of RF connector is a critical parameter in RF industrial,to get a low return loss is our first job.

  • 2021-12-08

    Tutorial Of Speedy Workman - A Freeware For Rapid Actions,File Monitor And Clipboard Monitor

    A freeware for rapidly open folder,file monitor and clipboard monitor. Development enviroment: Windows 10, DELPHI 10.3 Tokyo. Programming Language: Object Pascal. Releasd Date: Dec.8.2021 Version: 0.98 beta History: Dec.9.2021, bug fix for set window to front. The software help you to reduce repeated click, speed up your work, save your precious time. More details, please read tutorial carefully.

  • 2021-05-31

    How To Choose RF Cable Assembly

    How to choose cable assembly First, What's is cable assembly, In this article, we only think that's RF cable assembly. Also, we call it RF cable jumper too. Usually, cable assembly has two RF connector and one coaxial cable. The purpose transmit microwave signal. It's widely used in the antenna

  • 2021-05-31

    Cable List

    TypeCable DesignationImpedenceConductor TypeConductorInsulatorJacketMaterial of JacketMicrocoax cablesMC0.0850Solid0.16 (.006)0.50 (.020)0.83 (.033)PFA dielectricMC1.1750Solid0.17 (.007)0.52 (.020)1.17 (.046)PTFE dielectricMC1.13507 x 0.080.24 (.009)0.68 (.027)1.13 (.044)PTFE dielectricMC1.37507 x 0

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