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Most popular connector are millemeter wave connector: 1.85mm Connectors, 2.4mm Connectors, 2.92mm Connectors, 3.5mm Connectors. 

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Our vast library of standard products, combined with our technical expertise, such as:RF Connector, RF Adaptor, Phase Stable Cable, can be used to create the right custom products for any application.

Zhenjiang LenoRF Industry Co. Ltd - LenoRF ™

LenoRF,as a professional manufacturer for RF coaxial connectors,cable assembly and Passive Devices.We are your best choice.

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Zhenjiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD- LenoRF ™ ,is a special manufacturer for RF coaxial connectors,cable assembly and Passive Devices. It occupies an area of 30 hectares with the existing building of 2000 square meters. The company is equipped with a lot of the world most advanced equipment and apparatus for production and testing.  All of the products are guaranteed by quality under ISO9001 for different application and market, such as SMA Connector, N Connector, MMCX Connector, 1.85mm Connector2.92mm Connector, 2.4mm Connector, Phase Stable Cable...

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QC team checks all types of rf connnectors produced per order, and we make a point of delivering way:7 days sample order,15 days regular order.

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Professional customer service, encompassing pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services to meet customer demands. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact them.Reply email in 5 minutes( working time ).

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We have full supply chain, and high efficiency cost management, and low labor cost.

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100% test strict QC progress contrl.Here are some of the quality measures that we follow: ISO certification, environmental compliance declarations, and more. 


Here you can learn more about other products such as RF Connectors, phase stable cable, etc. Welcome to view.

​Why do we need an SMA connector in our life?

Why do we need an SMA connector in our life?The full name of SMA is Small A-Type. It is a typical microwave high-frequency connector. Its highest frequency is 18GHz. In the design of RF circuits, SMA connectors are often added to the circuit for input and output signals. SMA connectors are the most

SMA connectors.jpg
​What should we notice when using the SMA connectors?

What should we notice when using the SMA connectors?SMA is currently the most widely used connector type in the world. It is widely used in all aspects of high-tech industries. The SMA connector will be briefly introduced below. What is the performance of the SMA connector?How does the SMA connector

SMA connector​.jpg
​What should we know before choosing SMA connectors?

What should we know before choosing SMA connectors?SMA connector is a kind of radio frequency connector, and each different type has its application range. Only the right choice of the right SMA connector can exert its maximum effect. The following will briefly introduce the different types of SMA c

SMA connector.jpg
​What is the relevant knowledge of SMA connectors?

What is the relevant knowledge of SMA connectors?The SMA connector is often considered to be a component that is attached to a cable or installed on an instrument as a component for electrical connection or separation of transmission lines. It belongs to mechatronics products. Simply speaking, it ma

SMA connector​.jpg

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Our company, Zhejiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD, occupies an area of 30 hectares and is equipped with world class equipment to make millimeter wave connectors and phase stable cables. We specialize in coaxial connectors, cable assembly, and passive devices. Our current products are the latest millimeter wave connector and phase stable cable on the market.

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