Corrugated Coaxial Cable
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Corrugated Coaxial Cable

A core with at least one inner conductor and a substantially expanded polymeric foam dielectric around the inner conductor make up a corrugated coaxial cable. The foam dielectric is tightly encapsulated by a corrugated outer conductor on this coaxial cable. Corrugated cable is widely utilized in the communications business, and low density foam dielectric has higher velocity performance.
  • Male 
  • Straight 
  • Crimping 
  • Crimping 
Part   NumberImpedanceFrequency(GHz)VelocityCapacitance  
    (pF per M)
     OD (mm)
Jacket OD (mm)Bending Moment   (mm)
1/4"   Flexible Cable5018.688%76>120dB112.406.507.509.1038
1/4"   Super Flexible Cable5020.483%80>120dB6.41.904.706.357.5012.5
1/2"   Flexible Cable508.888%76>120dB404.8012.3013.8015.7050
1/2"   Super Flexible Cable5012.583%80>120dB193.558.7012.0013.4050
3/8"   Flexible Cable5013.588%76>120dB15.63.308.309.6011.2040
3/8"   Super Flexible Cable5013.483%80>120dB122.606.709.1010.2012.5
7/8"   Flexible Cable505.288%76>120dB919.0022.5024.9027.7090
7/8"   Super Flexible Cable504.980%76>120dB909.4023.0024.9027.5080
1 1/4"   Flexible Cable503.788%76>120dB20513.1033.3036.0038.60150
1 1/4"   Super Flexible Cable503.488%76>120dB17813.5033.0036.0038.60150
1 5/8"   Flexible Cable502.888%76>120dB32017.5043.5046.5049.50200

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