​Why do we need an SMA connector in our life?
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​Why do we need an SMA connector in our life?

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The full name of SMA is Small A-Type. It is a typical microwave high-frequency connector. Its highest frequency is 18GHz. In the design of RF circuits, SMA connectors are often added to the circuit for input and output signals. SMA connectors are the most common connectors in radio frequency circuits.

What is the performance of the SMA connector?

How to evolve the SMA connector?

What is the performance of the SMA connector?

What is the performance of the SMA connector?

1. The actual specifications of specific connectors vary greatly according to the manufacturer and type, and different quality and performance can be used, so it is necessary to confirm the connection specifications.

2. When using the flexible cable, the frequency limit is generally determined by the cable rather than the connector. This is because the cable allowed by the SMA connector is very small, especially since the loss of frequency is greater. Connector.

3. SMA connector is designed to have a certain impact of 50 ohms. SMA connector was originally designed and specified to work to 18GHz, but the maximum frequency of some versions is 12.4ghz, and that of some versions is 24 or 26.5ghz. The higher the upper-frequency limit, the higher the reflection loss.

4. Generally, the reflection coefficient of the SMA connector is 24GHz higher than other connectors, which makes it difficult to fix the genetic body support band. However, some manufacturers can solve this problem correctly and specify the corresponding connector. 26.5ghz is used in operation.

SMA connectors

How to evolve the SMA connector?

1. The SMA connector is a semi-precision ultra-miniature radio frequency and microwave connector especially applied to the radio frequency connection of electronic systems with a frequency of 18 GHz or higher.

2. There are several types of shape memory alloy connectors, and most of them can satisfy the needs because there are ball connectors, mother connectors, direct heads, right-angle connectors, partition connectors, etc. Its ultra-small size allows it to be used, even in relatively small electronic devices.

3. Although SMA connectors are currently very mature, the use of SMA connectors can be expanded as the working frequencies of many new radio frequency systems can be well extended into the microwave region.

What is the performance of the SMA connector?

1. In some cases, the performance of SMA connectors can be important. The core parameter that determines the average power processing capacity of the coaxial connector is the ability to carry high currents and maintain a reasonable thermal temperature.

2. The heating effect is mainly caused by the contact resistance between the contact surface and the contact pad. The core area is the focal point for proper formation and cooperation. As resistance increases with frequency, it should be noted that the average performance rating decreases with frequency.

3. Although the performance of SMA connectors varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, some of them can handle 500 watts at 1GHz and slightly lower than 200 watts at 10GHz.

At present, SMA has become the most versatile RF connector with the largest variety and specifications in the world. LenoRF has committed to fulfilling all the requirements of RF connectors. And it welcomes global customers to purchase.

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