The role of the 1.85 adapters and how to solve it by showing not connected
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The role of the 1.85 adapters and how to solve it by showing not connected

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1.85 adapter is an interface converter, which can be a standalone hardware interface device that allows hardware or electronic interfaces to be connected to other hardware or electronic interfaces, or it can be an information interface. In computers, adapters are usually built into a card that can be inserted into a slot on the motherboard, and the adapter information in the card is exchanged between the processor and the device supported by the adapter.


Here is the content list:

  • l The role of the 1.85 adapter

  • l How to fix the wireless network 1.85 adapters showing not connected

The role of the 1.85 adapter

1. To perform the conversion of data serial transmission and parallel transmission.

2. To cache the data.

3. Manage the adapter's device drivers installed in the computer's operating system.

4. Implementation of the Ethernet protocol.

How to fix the wireless network 1.85 adapters showing not connected

With the rapid development of the network era, WiFi has long been an indispensable part of our lives, whether it is a laptop or a cell phone connected to WiFi use. But there are always users who reflect that they can't connect to WiFi. Users see the wireless network adapter in the network sharing center shows not connected. Below I bring you the wireless network 1.85 adapter shows as not connected to the processing method.

1. At the beginning of the check, check whether the computer is enabled for wireless connection, right-click the network link at the bottom right corner of the desktop and select Open Network Sharing Center.

2. In the pop-up window click Change 1.85 adapter settings, and you can see whether WiFi is enabled or not, the state of not enabled will have a small red cross appear, then you need to re-enable it by right-clicking on the form.

3. Try to reconnect after detecting whether WiFi is enabled or not, if you still can't connect, it may be a driver problem, left-click to open the File Explorer below the desktop.

4. Right-click on the "This PC" option and select "Properties".

5. In network 1.85 adapters can check whether the driver is intact, there is an exclamation mark that the driver needs to be installed or updated.

6. After the above steps you can check whether the router and network cable is connected, and restart the router.

7. If you still can not connect to the wifi, you can according to the computer pop-up prompts for troubleshooting, or restart the computer to try. If still not solved, you should go to the computer store or business office for related advice.

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