Introduction of 1.85 adapters and whether the need to unplug it after use
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Introduction of 1.85 adapters and whether the need to unplug it after use

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1.85 adapter is an interface converter, which can be a stand-alone hardware interface device that allows hardware or electronic interfaces to be connected to other hardware or electronic interfaces, or it can be an information interface. For example, it is a power adapter, a tripod base adapter component, an adapter device for USB and serial ports, etc.


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  • l 1.85 adapter brief introduction

  • l Is the 1.85 adapter a charger?

  • l Should I unplug the 1.85 adapters after using them?

1.85 adapter brief introduction

First, the 1.85 adapter is understood as a converter applicable to different interfaces with the adapter. The short name is an adapter, and the role is to allow two different interfaces can be connected. 1.85 adapter is divided into many types and protocols, such as power adapter, network adapter, etc., its importance is very high.

Second, there will be a network adapter in the computer. It is commonly known as a network card. The effect is to allow the motherboards to be able to connect with the network cable. It provides two interfaces. One is the interface to connect with the network cable, and the other interface is connected to the motherboard. So it can be seen as a converter. Different types of adapters work differently, but the principle is the same.

Third, the 1.85 adapter has many kinds of protocols, such as SNMP, HTTP, RMI, etc. When programming, you will also encounter the adapter mode. In addition, there are now adapters for wireless displays, which allow them to be compatible with different devices. And inside the host system, it is divided into host adapters, bus adapters, and so on.

Is the 1.85 adapter a charger?

Not necessarily. 1.85 adapter has many kinds, of which the power adapter is generally a charger. It is the key component to convert the 220V power supply into the voltage required for charging cell phones and computers, its internal transformers, rectifier circuits, and these components. In the purchase of cell phones often see the contents of the package with adapters, which refers to the charging head.

Should I unplug the 1.85 adapters after using them?

If it is a power type after charging it is recommended to unplug, but nowadays good quality power 1.85 adapter has a built-in protection circuit, even if not unplugged will not affect it. And when choosing an adapter, it is best to choose the original or compatible matching according to the device model, which has better performance and safety when in use.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce a 1.85 adapter that meets the standards, to ensure the safety of its supply and the healthy development of the 1.85 adapter market. Zhenjiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD- LenoRF ™ conducts many tests on 1.85 adapters for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are interested in it, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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