​What is the function of RF connectors?
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​What is the function of RF connectors?

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In communication terms, a connector is a device that is installed between the cable and the cable, and has certain insulation and sealing performance, so that two or more cables can operate continuously. There are many types of RF connectors. To meet the needs of various frequencies and physical structures, people have designed various types of connectors.

What is the Electrical performance of RF connectors?

What is the importance of the mechanical performance of the RF connector?

What is the importance of RF connectors?

What is the Electrical performance of RF connectors?

The actual electrical performance depends on the performance of the cable, the contact of the cable, the geometric size of the RF connector, the contact of the inner conductor, and so on. The maximum frequency of the coaxial line must be the maximum usable frequency of the weakest component in the transmission line because it depends on all components rather than one component. For example, the use frequency of a certain RF connector is 10GHZ, the use frequency of the cable connected to it is 5GHZ, and the maximum usable frequency of this component is 5GHZ. The combination of all factors determines the frequency of use of the entire transmission line.

RF connectors

What is the importance of the mechanical performance of the RF connector?

1. The processing methods of various components in the manufacturing process determine the mechanical and electrical properties of the RF connector. While considering the mechanical properties, the quantity and scale of production must also be considered. It is very important to study the reasons why a specific performance cannot meet the requirements. This analysis helps to avoid the next error.

2. On the other hand, the smaller the RF connector, the more difficult it is to manufacture, the higher the manufacturing cost, and the worse the accuracy and error. In future industrial applications, the demand for small, excellent, and inexpensive electronic components will continue to grow.

What is the importance of RF connectors?

1. A radio frequency coaxial connector (RFC) is generally considered to be a component connected to a cable or a device, as a component used to electrically connect or isolate transmission lines. Belongs to mechatronics products. In short, it mainly works as a bridge.

2. Radio frequency (RF) circuits are rapidly being widely used in wired and wireless communications, including Wi-Fi and various wireless technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). These high-frequency signals need to be distributed among the system, circuit components, and sub-components, and generate minimal loss or parasitic radiation.

3. Although this has always been the role that RF coaxial cables and connectors should assume, designers are under pressure from time, cost, and reliability, and need to ensure that the best RF connectors are quickly selected and correctly applied to achieve the best performance. And extend the service life.

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