1.85 RF connector applications, selection, and sizing
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1.85 RF connector applications, selection, and sizing

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1.85 RF connector is defined as a detachable element that is normally attached to a cable or device for the electrical connection of a transmission line system. From this definition, it can be seen that it has the common characteristic of a "detachable element" connector. RF coaxial connectors are named by the nominal designation and structure designation of the two parts, separated by a short horizontal line "-". Nominal code 1.85 RF connector's nominal code uses the international common nominal code. The naming of different structural forms of specific products by the detailed specifications makes specific provisions. The structural form represents the structure as the shot connector.


The following is a list of catalogs:

  • l Applications of 1.85 RF coaxial connectors

  • l Selection of 1.85 RF coaxial connectors

  • l Selection of 1.85 RF connectors

Applications of 1.85 RF coaxial connectors

1. Communication, communication, and network ;

2. It is a traffic monitoring system;

3. It is medical machinery;

4. It is the connection of instrumentation.

Due to the characteristics of 1.85 RF coaxial connectors, it is not only widely used in automotive, information communication, communication broadcasting, communication network, instrumentation testing, medical, aerospace, transportation, and antennas. But also used in security systems, civil aviation, microwave components, RF microwave switches, consumer electronics, national defense military, and other occasions.

Selection of 1.85 RF coaxial connectors

1. The type of interface mechanism.

The connector connection mechanism not only provides a convenient and fast connection or separation of coaxial transmission lines but also provides stable electrical performance and environmental protection devices. When the connection nut does not have enough space to rotate in use, you should choose a non-torsional connection mechanism.

2. Electrical performance.

Characteristic impedance, voltage resistance, and maximum efficiency.

3. The termination method.

1.85 RF connectors can be used for RF coaxial cables, printed circuit boards, frame drawer functional components, and their connection interface. Before use, you must be familiar with the performance of the selected product and use it strictly following the regulations. Overload is likely to lead to coaxial connector failure. Special care should be taken when installing cable connectors. The proper assembly tools should be used correctly according to the assembly instructions provided by the supplier.

Selection of 1.85 RF connectors

1. The selected 1.85 RF connector should be in line with the actual frequency range used.

2. The selected 1.85 RF connector should have a small VSWR.

3. IM requirements, to consider the 1.85 RF connector material and plating.

4. The selected RF connector should match the impedance of the mating 1.85 RF connector or cable.

5. The EMC of a threaded RF connector is better than any bayonet-type, push-pull type 1.85 RF connector.

6. The selected 1.85 RF connector should have a small insertion loss.

7. Usually, the electrical performance of straight 1.85 RF connectors is better than curved ones, which can be selected according to the actual use.

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