Four main points to note about the use of 1.85 connectors and their applications
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Four main points to note about the use of 1.85 connectors and their applications

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The 1.85 connector category includes five part numbers, most of which are RoHS and REACH compliant. 1.85mm connectors are used as terminals to connect to coaxial cables.


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1.85 connector uses the four major points of attention

1.85 connector generally consists of a plug and socket, where the plug is also known as a free-end connector, and the socket is also known as a fixed connector. Circuit connection and disconnection are achieved through plugs, sockets, and plugging, thus giving rise to a variety of plug and socket connections. Many operators understand this. The following are mainly for the use of analysis of the notes.

A. Termination

1. 1.85 connectors should be strictly by the corresponding termination specifications or requirements for termination and inspection, and according to the corresponding contact number for termination. The thickness of the insulation layer between the selected cable and wire should match the distance between the contacts, and the cable core should match the terminals of the contacts. The contact crimp hole between the cross-parallel processing is prohibited.

2. Welding should be based on the bare wire diameter to choose the appropriate power of the soldering iron, each contact soldering time is generally not more than 5s. Be careful not to let the flux penetrate the insulator, so as not to cause the product insulation resistance to drop.

B. The plug before checking

1. 1.85 connector model, code, serial number, plug location, and orientation should be in line with the requirements of the design and process documentation.

2. The tail cap is not loose, and the binding port does not fall off. The tailgate at the wire harness or wire is not bent, and the outer skin is not damaged.

3. The shield skin grounding wire is not broken, and the solder lug connected to the shell is not loose.

4. 1.85 connector shell and butt joint shall be free of deformation, cracks, thread wear, loose fasteners or defects, and no peeling of the coating.

5. The locking device should be intact.

C. The plugging operation should be careful.

1. Before plugging and unplugging, we should confirm the plug and socket code, interface "shape", "positioning keyway", "positioning color code", and "lock " interface to check the "tightening nails and slots" and "positioning screws and holes" correspond to accurate positioning.

2. Tighten the plug or socket tail cap, the cable or wire out of the tail cap can not turn.

D. Testing

1. When testing the cable or electronic equipment, the probe should meet the requirements, it is strictly prohibited to use a meter pen or copper wire directly for testing to prevent the 1.85 connector jack from being stabbed large or damaged to the inner wall or the pin touched crooked.

2. Test cable and electronic equipment on the 1.85 connector plug test before, should first check the test cable on the power connector (plug and socket), where there is damage to the shape, pin (hole) corrosion, pin distortion, jack deformation, dust contamination, broken wires, shielding skin broken wire can not be plugged.

3. The test process of plugging and unplugging 1.85 connectors, generally should be disconnected from the power supply after a standstill of not less than 3min, and prohibit plugging and unplugging with electricity.

1.85 connector application scope

1.85 connector is used in high-speed data, instrumentation, defense and military, aerospace, satellite communications equipment (SATCOM), and other ranges.

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