​What should we notice when using the SMA connectors?
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​What should we notice when using the SMA connectors?

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SMA is currently the most widely used connector type in the world. It is widely used in all aspects of high-tech industries. The SMA connector will be briefly introduced below.

What is the performance of the SMA connector?

How does the SMA connector work?

How to judge the quality of the SMA connector?

What is the performance of the SMA connector?

1. In the case of flexible cables, the frequency limit is generally determined by the cable rather than the connector. This is because the cable permitted by the SMA connector is very small and, in particular, the frequency loss is much greater than the connector.

2. The reflection coefficient of the SMA connector is higher than other connectors with a maximum of 24GHz. This is because it is difficult to fix the genetic support ligament precisely, but still, some manufacturers can properly overcome this problem and state the connector, which is at 26.5 GHz is to use.

3. SMA connector is designed with a 50-ohm fixation on the connector. SMA connector was originally designed and specified to work up to 18GHz, but the maximum frequency of some versions is 12.4ghz, and some versions are called 24 or 26.5ghz specified, if the upper-frequency limit is high, the reflection loss may require more work.

4. Specifications for particular connectors will vary widely by manufacturer and type, and different levels of quality and performance may be used. It is best to confirm the connector specifications.

SMA connector

How does the SMA connector work?

The SMA plug is usually the connection between the pin contact and the hole contact.

The pins or terminals of parts are usually coated with lead-tin alloy gold, pure tin gold, nickel, silver, silver palladium alloy gold, and gold. Therefore, the contact between the components is the contact between gold-plated metals. Natural is the contact strength of other gold-plated metals varies due to their different conductivity.

In general, gold is more conductive, followed by silver. In welding, welding is the process of alloying. The alloy itself is a good conductor, not bad welding, but a relatively high welding safety.

How to judge the quality of the SMA connector?

1. We can see the quality of the SMA connector from the outside, but the real impact on the signal transmission (or reflection) is not the SMA connector itself, but the connection between coaxial cable or PCB and SMA. With the same SMA connector Other people's connections can end up in a very different normal wave ratio, so the connection between SMA and PCB or coaxial cable is very important, especially when the frequency is high.

2. The higher the density of the protective layer, the less the external signal leak or the less the leak from the outside world. The general index is insulation, good cable insulation can be more than 100dB. I see the single layer, double layer, and rigid shielded one bought in the market Coaxial cable. Of course, the prices are different.

3. In addition to the leakage of the cable itself, some of the energy will be lost (usually very small). Due to the pasting effect of the electromagnetic wave and the loss of the oil field, the signal is weakened to some extent, but it has nothing to do with the shielding layer.

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