Introduction of SMP RF Connectors
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Introduction of SMP RF Connectors

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Introduction of SMP Connector

SMP (GPO®) RF connector is a new type of blind mating RF coaxial connector and the maximum frequency can reach 40GHz., which has the characteristics of high frequency, fast connection, and strong vibration resistance, allowing a certain mismatch in the axial and radial direction. It is especially suitable for high-density blind plug-in matching among printed circuit boards, chassis, and cabinets, and provides an ideal solution for applications with modular and intensive installation. It is a subminiature connector that can provide a variety of interfaces. The installation density of the smallest SMP connector can reach the simple spacing between the centers of the connector. It can be widely used in dense assembly, matrix antenna, artificial satellite, military radar, airborne equipment, and other circumstances.

SMP jack for PCB


Characteristic Impedance

50 ohms

Dielectric withstand voltage


Insulation resistance


Frequency Range



Smooth Bore 1000 cycles

Limited detent 500 cycles

Full detent 100cycles

Radial Misalignment:


Axial Misalignment:

0/+0.25mm (with fixed length adapters)

Mating Style

Push-on or Snap-on

Temperature Range

-65 to 165 ℃

RF Leakage

80 dB max. at 3 GHz, 65 dB max. at 26.5 GHz

Interface Specification



Detent systems:

SMP Connector has three types of detent system: Smooth Bore, Limited Detent, and Full Detent, which provide three different connector retention forces to meet different application requirements. It provides users with an ideal solution when selecting multi-purpose and high-reliability connectors.

interface of smp,smooth, limited detent, full detent

Smooth Bore: minimum connection retention. It has the same engagement force and disengagement forces and allows axial and radial misalignment. It is often used in blind mating connections.

smooth bore

Limited Detent: Based on the smooth bore, the retention force is medium. It is often used for PCB assembly and blind mating connections.

Limited detent

Full Detent: it has the maximum connection retention force, the best vibration resistance, and impact performance. It is commonly used for cable connection

Smooth Bore

Limited Detent

Full Detent

Engagement Force




Disengagement Force




1000 cycles

500 cycles

100 cycles

Other SMP Connectors:

SMPM Connector (GPPO): 

also known as Mini SMP Connector connectors which are ultra-miniature 30% smaller than SMP, high-frequency connectors commonly used in applications up to 65 GHz. Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) designed the SSMP® connector to have similar performance and dimension.

SMPM plug for 0.086" cable

SMPS Connector (G3PO):

The SMPS connectors are 45% smaller than SMP connectors, SMPS connectors have frequency ranges up to 100 GHz. The SMPS connectors were developed to fit smaller and high-frequency connectors than SMP and SMPM. The sub-miniature, lightweight, blind-mateable interconnect solution is ideal for complex high-performance microwave modules and systems where weight is the primary issue.




Smooth Bore

Full Detent

Limited Detent

Axial Misalignment


Radial Misalignment

3˚   max

Rosenberger PSMP Connector

Known as Power-SMP which high-frequency connector used in applications up to 10GHz with high power consumption, 200W@2.2GHz continuous power, 12.6mm minimum board spacing, axial misalignment: +/- 1mm, and snap-on coupling.

PSMP jack to jack adapter

Radiall SMP-MAX Connector:

SMP-MAX can work up to 6 GHz Board-to-Board distance misalignment at least 2.0 mm and radial misalignment 3° minimum. Up to 2.4mm board-to-board axial misalignment, Radial misalignment: 3˚ minimum tilt, Power: up to 300 Watts, Robust bullet with a larger diameter, Expanded pour-in range to secure blind mating, High quality with automated video quality control axial misalignment from +/-1mm to +/-1.2mm

SMP-MAX plug for PCB

SMP Spring bullets

The axial tolerance of female to female adapter with spring is 4 to 5 times larger than that of fixed SMP adapter。1000 cycles durability.Frequency range: DC to 40GHz, Impedance 50 ohms, spring force 1.81 kgs maximum at full deflection, 0.90 kgs minimum preload.

SMP spring bullets

SMP-LOCK Connector :

Subminiature lock-on connector, operating in the range DC-40 GHz,50 ohms/part series R222 L, Secure connector based on SMP interface. Features a robust locking mechanism, which dramatically increases the retention force of the interface and prevents accidental disconnection. Designed for high-reliability applications. SMP-LOCK was added to the SMP range in 2010.

Z-SMP Connector:

ZTE designed the SMP series connector to avoid the patent, and inspired from SMP-MAX.


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Carlisle SMP Catalog

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