H-MTD Code Z Dual Jack Ethernet Cable Assemblies -Rosenberger - E6Z011-001-Z
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H-MTD Code Z Dual Jack Ethernet Cable Assemblies -Rosenberger - E6Z011-001-Z

Rosenberger H-MTD is a differential connector system for high-speed data transmission of up to 20 GHz or 56 Gbps, contained in a compact yet robust automotive grade housing.
Apax from ensuring high-bitrate data transmission and savings on installation space and weight, a further major advantage of this connector system is its modularity, providing the flexibility to suppon a wide range of Ethernet applications and industry protocols.
The application field of the Rosenberger H-MTD” is countless as it can be used with a variety of different cables including Shielded Twisted Pair, Unshielded Twisted Pair and new High-Performance cables. With H-MTD” the customer can count on an interface that accommodates future vehicle networks, applications and protocols.
  • ECA4004

  • Female 

  • Straight 

  • Crimping 

  • Crimping 

Product   Range
Cable and PCB connectors, modular   housings, cable assemblies, waterproof types:
Rosenberger H- MTD single
Rosenberger H- MTD double
Rosenberger H- MTD quad
Rosenberger H- MTD six
Rosenberger H- MTD +6 Power pins
Rosenberger H-MTD e
Internet & mobile   communication
"WiGig" (Wireless   Gigabit)
Camera systems 4k and higher
Driver assistance systems
Autonomous driving
High resolution displays
Rear seat entertainment
Open to all protocol (e.g)
~100 Mbps
~ 1 Gbps
~PCle Gen3
Suitable Cable
Sheilded   Cable :GG 2Speed 251,Leoni Dacar 647-4
Unsheilded Cable: GG 2Speed   132,Leoni Dacar 676
Electric Data
Impedance100 ohms
Frequency range   depending on cable type0.01 GHz to 20 GHz
Return loss    ≥ 30 dB, 0.01 GHz to 3 GHz
    ≥25 dB, 3 GHz to 6 GHz
    ≥20 dB, 6 GHz to 10 GHz
    ≥15 dB, 10 GHz to 15 GHz
    ≥12 dB, 15 GHz to 20 GHz
Near end crosstalk    ≥60 dB, 0.01 GHz to 7.5   GHz
    ≥45 dB, 7.5 GHz to 20 GHz
Far end crosstalk    ≥60 dB, 0.01 GHz to 7.5   GHz
    ≥45 dB, 7.5 GHz to 20 GHz
Insulation resistance≥ 100 MΩ
Signal contact resistance≤ 10 MΩ
Outer contact resistance≤ 7.5 MΩ
Test voltage250 V DC
Working voltage60 V DC
Contact current   depending on cable<1.5 A DC @ 85 °C ambient temperature
Mechanical Data
Mating cycles   (standard,non waterproof)≥ 25
Mating cycles ( waterproof)≥ 5
Engagement   force≤ 45 N*
Engagement force   waterproof≤ 45 N*
Retention force latch≥ 110 N
Retention force primary   lock≥ 80 N
Retention force   secondary lock≥ 120 N
Polarization feature   effectiveness≥ 150 N*
* depends on connector

H-MTD   ConnectorSheilded Connectors
E6S10A-40MT5-ySingle Straight Plug
E6S10F-40MT5-ySix Straight Plug
E6S10A-1xxz5-ySingle Straight Plug
E6S10C-1xxz5-ySingle Straight Plug
E6K10A-1xxz5-ySingle Straight Jack
E6K10B-1xxz5-yDouble Straight Jack
E6K10D-1xxZ5-yQuad Straight Jack
E6K10F-1xxz5-ySix Straight Jack
E6S14A-40MT5-ySingle Straight Plug - Waterproof
E6S14B-40MT5-yDouble Straight Plug - Waterproof
E6S24A-40MT5-ySingle Right Angle Plug - Waterproof
E6S24B-40MT5-yDouble Right Angle Plug - Waterproof
E6S24D-40MT5-YQuad Right Angle Plug - Waterproof
E6S14E-1xxZ5-ySingle Straight Plug - Waterproof
E6K14A-1xxZ5-ySingle Straight Jack - Waterproof
E6K14B-1xxz5-yDouble Straight Jack - Waterproof
E6K14D-1xxZ5-yQuad Straight Jack - Waterproof
99S1HC-40MT5-ySingle Straight Plug - 6 Power For Pcb
99S1HG-40MT5-yDouble Straight Plug - 6 Power For Pcb
99S2HC-40MT5-ySingle Right Angle Plug - 6 Power For Pcb
99S2HG-40MT5-yDouble Right Angle Plug - 6 Power For Pcb
99K1HC-1xxZ5-ySingle Straight Jack - 6 Power For Pcb
99K1HG-1xxZ5-yDouble Straight Jack - 6 Power For Pcb
E6S20A-40MT5-YSingle Right Angle Plug For Pcb
E6S22A-40MT5-ySingle Right Angle Plug For Pcb
E6S218-40MT5-ySingle Right Angle Plug For Pcb
E6S20B-40MT5-YDouble Right Angle Plug For Pcb
E6S20D-40MT5-YQuad Right Angle Plug For Pcb
E6S20F-40MT5-YSix Right Angle Plug For Pcb
H-MTD e ConnectorUnsheilded Connectors
E9K10A-1xxX5-ySingle Straight Jack
E9K10B-1xxX5-yDouble Straight Jack
E9K10D-1xxX5-yQuad Straight Jack
E9K10F-1xxX5-ySix Straight Jack
E9K14A-1xxX5-ySingle Straight Jack - Waterproof
E9K14B-1xxX5-ySingle Straight Jack - Waterproof
Precision   adaptor with H-MTD housing
02K3E6-K00S5H-Mtd Female To 2.92 Female Y-Adaptor
02S3E6-K00S5H-Mtd Female To 2.92 Male Y-Adaptor
02K3E6-S00S5H-Mtd Male To 2.92 Female Y-Adaptor
02S3E6-S00S5H-Mtd Male To 2.92 Male Y-Adaptor
Precision   adaptor without H-MTD housing
02K3E6-K01S5H-Mtd Female To 2.92 Female Y-Adaptor
02S3E6-K01S5H-Mtd Male To 2.92 Female Y-Adaptor
02K3E6-S01S5H-Mtd Female To 2.92 Male Y-Adaptor
02S3E6-S01S5H-Mtd Male To 2.92 Male Y-Adaptor

Cable Assemblies H-MTDside Aside B
LCA-101-xxxx-y-yE6K10A-1CA straight JackE6K10A-1CA straight Jack
LCA-102-xxxx-y-yE6K10A-1CA straight JackE6S10A-1CA straight Plug
LCA-103-xxxx-y-yE6S10A-1CA straight PlugE6K10A-1CA straight Jack
LCA-104-xxxx-y-yE6S10A-1CA straight PlugE6S10A-1CA straight Plug
XXX: Length in mm,y-y: coding side A/B

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