What Is Type-N Connectors
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What Is Type-N Connectors

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The N-Type connector, also known as an N connector ,Type-N connector, N-type connector, is a type of RF connector that is utilized to join coaxial cables. It was originally invented by Paul Neill of Bell Labs in the 1940s and was named after him. This connector, which is medium-sized, threaded, and waterproof, was one of the first connectors capable of carrying microwave-frequency signals.

20-258, N PLUG 4HF SOLDER20-426 n jack 4hf

Impedance of N connector

The N-Type connector was initially developed for military applications and follows MIL-STD-348. It is available in 50- and 75-ohm versions. However, connecting these two types to each other can result in damage and intermittent operation due to the difference in the center pin diameter. Some 75-ohm sockets are designed to accept the larger 50-ohm pin without irreversible damage, but not all. Typically, connecting a 50-ohm socket to a 75-ohm pin results in a loose fit, reducing contact quality and leading to poor or intermittent operation. Additionally, some N-Type connectors lack version labeling, making it difficult to avoid damage or operation issues in a mixed impedance environment.

Frequency Range:

The first N connector could carry signals at frequencies up to 1 GHz. Today, N connectors can routinely accommodate frequencies up to 11 GHz and even up to 18 GHz with enhancements made by Julius Botka at Hewlett Packard.

N interface drawing

Interface of N connector

The N connector has an air gap between the center and outer conductors, and the coupling has a 5/8-24 UNEF thread. While some versions have a hex nut for tightening the male connector, generally it is hand-tightened. The suggested tightening torque varies depending on the manufacturer, ranging from 15-20 inch-pounds (1.7-2.3 N·m). However, the torque limit depends on the quality and cleanliness of the thread, and the primary operational requirement is good RF contact.

Power rating of N connector:

The N connector's peak power rating is determined by the voltage breakdown/ionization of the air near the center pin, while the average power rating is a function of frequency and is determined by the point at which the center contact overheats due to resistive insertion loss.

There are several variations of the N-Type connector, including SnapN, Left Hand Thread or Reverse Thread, Reverse Polarity, and HN (used in high-voltage applications).

Application of N connector:

N-Type connectors are used in many lower frequency microwave systems where ruggedness or low cost are needed. They are also commonly used in antennas that operate in the 0-11GHz range and in spectrum analyzers for their inputs. The 50-ohm version is used in the infrastructure of land mobile, wireless data, paging, and cellular systems and is popular in microwave applications and instrumentation, such as spectrum analyzers. The 75-ohm version is used in the infrastructure of cable television systems.

Suppliers of N-Type connectors include COAX Connectors, Molex, TE Connectivity, Amphenol RF, L-com, LenoRF and Newark.

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