How To Assembly SMA Male Connector With RG316 Coaxial Cable
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How To Assembly SMA Male Connector With RG316 Coaxial Cable

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SMA male crimp RG316
SMA cable assemblies variety are frequently used for transmitting high-frequency signals. SMA cable RG316 is intended for usage in situations where low signal loss and high flexibility are necessities.

A dielectric insulator, a braided shield, and a central conductor wire make up the SMA cable RG316.The dielectric is frequently made of materials like PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or FEP, while the core conductor is typically made of copper. The braided shield is often constructed of copper or copper that has been silver-plated to provide shielding.

The SMA connector used with RG316 cable has a threaded coupling mechanism that allows for a secure connection to a compatible SMA jack. The connector is typically made of brass or stainless steel, and its design allows for a reliable connection with low signal loss.

Here is the assembly instruction of SMA male crimp RG316:

Prepare the materials and tools:

crimp tool

Crimp Plier

stripper tool

Wire stripping tool

stripper machine

Wire stripping machine

electric soldering iron

Solder iron

Step 1:

RG316 coaxial cable

Strip the cable: Use a cable stripper to remove the outer insulation from the coaxial cable. Strip the outer jacket to expose the braided shield and the center conductor according the dimension of data sheet.

Step 2:

SMA male crimp RG316 assembly instruction1

Pass through crimp ferruel and shirkable tube over cable.

Solder/Crimp the center conductor: Apply a small amount of solder to the center conductor, ensuring that it is securely attached to the SMA connector’s center pin. Or crimp the center conductor with SMA connector’s center pin.  

Step 3:

SMA male crimp RG316 assembly instruction2

Apply the braided shield of cable on the connector’s tail symmetrically

Step 4:

SMA male crimp RG316 assembly instruction3

Slide the ferrule to the connector,
Crimp the ferrule by crimp tool, ensuring that it is securely attached to the connector body

Step 5:

SMA male crimp RG316 assembly instruction4

Heat the tubing: Use a heat gun to shrink the tubing, ensuring a tight seal around the connector.

Step 6:

SMA male crimp RG316 cable

Test and verify the performance of cable assembly

Visual Inspection
Continuity Test
Insertion Loss
Return Loss
Mechanical Shock and Vibration
Environment Test

Download PDF version of this assembly instruction. 

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