Classification of Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable
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Classification of Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable

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In the field of RF, Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable assembly is an essential part of the core of many conductive interconnection solutions from the module level to complete systems.

The Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable assembly consists of two parts which are the RF coaxial connector and the RF coaxial cable. The RF Coaxial Cable assembly is primarily used to connect various types of signal transceivers/modules or antennas/transmitters to ensure the accurate, low-loss, efficient, and high-quality transmission of signals between them.

Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable is composed of two coaxial cylindrical conductors, consisting of an inner and outer conductor and an insulator. RF transmission of electromagnetic energy in the RF range of the cable, consisting of conductor, dielectric, outer conductor, and sheath, is divided into three types semi-rigid, semi-flexible, and flexible cables. And different types of cables should be selected for different applications. Semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables are generally used for interconnection inside equipment, while in the field of testing and measurement, flexible cables should be used.

The following is a list of catalogs:

  • Semi-rigid cables

  • Semi-flexible cables

  • Flexible Cables

Semi-rigid cables

Semi-Rigid Cable: As the name implies, this Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable is not easily bent into shape, and its outer conductor is made of aluminum or copper tubing, which has a very small RF leakage (<-120dB) and causes negligible signal crosstalk in the system. The passive intermodulation characteristics of this Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable are also very desirable. To bend to a certain shape, a special forming machine or a manual grinding tool is required. Such a troublesome process in exchange for very stable performance, semi-rigid cables use solid PTFE material as the filling medium, which has very stable temperature characteristics, especially at high temperatures, and has very good phase stability. Semi-rigid cables are more costly than semi-flexible cables and are used in a large number of applications in various RF and microwave systems.

Semi-flexible cables

Semi-flexible cable is the replacement for semi-rigid cable. This Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable performance indicators are close to the semi-rigid cable and can be hand-formed. However, its stability is slightly less than that of semi-rigid cable, as it can be easily molded, and likewise easily deformed, especially under long-term use.

Flexible Cables

Flexible cable is a "test grade" Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable. Flexible cable compared to semi-rigid and semi-flexible cable, the cost of flexible cable is very expensive because the flexible cable design of more factors to take into account. Flexible cables need to be easy to bend multiple times and still maintain performance, which is the most basic requirement for a test cable. Flexibility and good electrical specifications are a contradiction and the main reason for the high cost.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce a Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable that meets the standards, to ensure the safety of its supply and the healthy development of the Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable market. Zhenjiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD- LenoRF conducts many tests on Phase Stable RF Coaxial Cable for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are interested in it, you can consider our cost-effective products.

Our company, Zhejiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD, occupies an area of 30 hectares and is equipped with world class equipment to make millimeter wave connectors and phase stable cables. We specialize in coaxial connectors, cable assembly, and passive devices. Our current products are the latest millimeter wave connector and phase stable cable on the market.

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