How To Choose RF Cable Assembly
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How To Choose RF Cable Assembly

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RF cable

How to choose cable assembly


First, What's is cable assembly, In this article, we only think that's RF cable assembly. 

Also, we call it RF cable jumper too.  Usually, cable assembly has two RF connector and one coaxial cable. 

The purpose transmit microwave signal. It's widely used in the antenna system, DAS, base station, WIFT, LoT, etc.

In the beginning, you should choose an RF connector, click here to select.

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(This is a typical RF cable assembly for the antenna system. Left side connector A is N female bulkhead connector,


Right side connector B is IPEX(U.FL) connector. The coaxial cable is micro-coaxial 1.13, see below cable sheet )


Choose 1 or 2 types RF connector for connector A or connector B.


You can only choose connector A; the client will assembly another side at the working field.


 Then you should choose a type of coaxial cable. The popular model is the RG series(MIL-C-17 standard), LMR series, ST series, corrugated series,semi-rigid series(MIL-C-17 standard).


It depends on your application. 



Second, you should know what's performance do you need.


1.Impendence: 50 ohms,75 ohms.


2.VSWR( return loss)


3.Working frequency.


3.PIM3 (intermodulation)




The low attenuation cable is low flexibility, the high attenuation is high flexibility. 

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