What Is QMA RF Connector
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What Is QMA RF Connector

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In the realm of radio frequency (RF) connectors, the QMA connector series represents a significant advancement in technology, offering quick and secure RF connections with exceptional performance. These connectors, boasting a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω and a maximum operating frequency of 18.00 GHz, introduce the convenience of a 360º rotating snap-on locking interface, enhancing packing density and simplifying installation. Developed as a quick mating replacement for the standard SMA connector, QMA connectors maintain identical internal construction, ensuring consistent RF performance and mechanical durability.

This comprehensive guide will explore the world of QMA connectors, covering their design, technical specifications, historical development, diverse applications spanning various industries, and their unique status as an industry standard within the QLF® Alliance. Additionally, we will discuss the absence of known variations to this connector type.

QMA Plug Connector

QMA PLUG RG58 cable

QMA Jack Connector

qma jack 4-hole flnage for microstrip

Understanding QMA Connectors

1. Design and Construction

QMA connectors were developed to address the need for quick and secure RF connections, serving as a replacement for the standard SMA connector. Internally, these connectors maintain identical construction to the SMA connector, ensuring that they exhibit the same RF performance characteristics and mechanical durability that have made SMA connectors a standard choice in the industry.

The standout feature of QMA connectors is their 360º rotating snap-on locking interface. This innovative design simplifies the coupling process by eliminating the need for torque wrench clearance. This not only streamlines the installation of connectors but also improves packing density, making QMA connectors a valuable addition to the connector landscape.

2. Technical Specifications

To gain a comprehensive understanding of QMA connectors, let's delve into their key technical specifications:

  • Impedance: 50 Ω

  • Maximum Operating Frequency: 18.00 GHz

  • Coupling Mechanism: Quick Lock Coupling

These specifications underscore the exceptional RF performance and quick-locking capabilities that make QMA connectors a preferred choice in the RF connector market.

Historical Development

The QMA connector series emerged in 2003, driven by the collaborative efforts of the Quick Lock Formula Alliance, or QLF® Alliance. This alliance comprises some of the leading companies in the RF connector industry, including Huber+Suhner, Radiall, Rosenberger, and Amphenol. Their shared vision and commitment to innovation led to the development of the QMA connector, marking a significant milestone in RF connector technology.

Applications of QMA Connectors

QMA connectors find applications across various industries where the need for quick, secure, and high-performance RF connections is paramount. Some notable applications include:

1. Cellular Base Station Hardware

QMA connectors are commonly used in cellular base station hardware, where the demand for reliable RF connections in a high-density environment is critical. The quick mating capabilities of QMA connectors make them ideal for this application.

2. SCADA Radios

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) radios rely on robust RF connections for effective data transmission. QMA connectors provide the reliability and performance required in these critical systems.

3. Wireless Test Equipment

Wireless test equipment, used for research, development, and quality assurance of wireless technologies, benefits from the quick and secure connections facilitated by QMA connectors.

4. Military Hardware

In military hardware applications, such as radar and satellite systems, QMA connectors are preferred for their durability, strength, and quick-disconnection features. These connectors can withstand the rigors of military operations while ensuring the integrity of RF connections.

5. Aerospace

Aerospace applications also benefit from the performance and convenience offered by QMA connectors. Their ability to provide secure RF connections in aerospace equipment contributes to the overall reliability and safety of aviation and space missions.

Unique Industry Standard: QLF® Alliance

The QMA connector series holds a unique status in the RF connector landscape, as it is not standardized by any international body. Instead, it is considered an industry standard under the Quick Lock Formula Alliance (QLF® Alliance). This collaborative group of industry leaders is responsible for the development and promotion of QMA connectors, ensuring their availability and recognition in the market.

Variations of QMA Connectors

As of the present, there are no known variations or subtypes of the QMA connector. This absence of variations underscores the standardized nature of QMA connectors, ensuring consistency in their design and performance across different applications and industries.


QMA connectors, with their 360º rotating snap-on locking interface and impressive RF performance, represent a significant advancement in RF connector technology. Developed by the Quick Lock Formula Alliance (QLF® Alliance) in 2003, these connectors offer a quick and secure solution for a wide range of applications, from cellular base station hardware to military systems and aerospace equipment.

The absence of known variations highlights the standardized nature of QMA connectors, ensuring reliability and consistency in their performance. As industry leaders continue to prioritize the need for quick, reliable, and high-performance RF connections, QMA connectors remain at the forefront, delivering on these essential requirements.

In an increasingly interconnected world where RF technology plays a pivotal role, QMA connectors serve as a vital link, ensuring the seamless and dependable transmission of RF signals across various industries and applications. Their unique quick-locking design and established industry standard status underscore their significance in the realm of RF connectors.

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