SMC Connector Jack Crimp Straight For RG316 Coaxial Cable
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SMC Connector Jack Crimp Straight For RG316 Coaxial Cable

SMC connectors (SubMiniature version C) are coaxial RF connectors that were invented in the 1960s. MIL-STD-348 contains the interface standards for the SMC and many additional connectors. They have a threaded interface that is #10-32 UNF (screw type). Electrical performance of SMC connectors ranges from DC to 10 GHz. The center contact on male (Plug) SMC connectors is a socket, whereas the center contact on female (Jack) SMC connectors is a pin. External threads are used on SMC jack connectors, whereas the matching hex nut is used on SMC plug connectors. They are available in 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm characteristic impedances and may be used to link tiny form factor coaxial cables (e.g. 50-Ohm RG-174, 75-Ohm RG-179) and printed circuit boards with a small footprint.
  • 61-5161-115-01

  • Female 

  • Straight 

  • Crimping 

  • Crimping 

  • RG316

  • 61-5161-115-01.pdf

  • 61-5161-115-01.stp


Contact TerminationCrimp
Shield Termination Crimp
Impedance 50 Ohm
Mounting Type Free Hanging Straight
Cable Group RG316
Fastening Type Threaded
Frequency - Max DC- 3GHz
Body Material Brass
Body Finish Gold
Center Contact Material Brass
Center Contact Finish Gold
Dielectric Material Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)
Voltage Rating 375V
Working Temperature -65°C ~ 165°C

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