​How to use N-type connectors?
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​How to use N-type connectors?

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The N-type connector product is a threaded connector. It has the characteristics of high reliability, strong vibration resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical performance, etc., and is widely used in radio equipment and instruments under vibration and harsh environmental conditions and ground transmission systems to connect radio frequency coaxial cables.


What are the most common N-type connectors?

How to install N-type connectors?

How to calculate the power of RF connector?


What are the most common N-type connectors?

1. 50-ohm straight N-type connector: The N-type connector is used as a terminal to connect with a coaxial cable, a printed circuit board (PCB), or a terminal block. The manufacturers are all manufactured following the technical requirements of the precision radio frequency and microwave industry.

2. 50-ohm N-type right-angle connector: The structure of the N-type connector is divided into male or female, and the style has standard polarity or reverse polarity. The shape of the N-type connector is divided into straight or right-angle type, 4-hole flange type, press-in type, partition type, 2-hole panel type, 4-hole panel type, or free-installation type. The termination methods of these N-type connectors are clip/welding, clip/welding (static contact), crimping/welding, field replaceable, welding, or welding/welding. The N-type connectors we provide are divided into standard performance or high-performance grades, and the body material is brass or stainless steel.

3. 50-ohm reverse polarity N-type socket: N-type connectors are divided into 50-ohm impedance and 75-ohm impedance. The 50-ohm N-type connector has a high-reliability coaxial connection with a frequency of up to 12 GHz and a screw locking system. Device. These two kinds of connectors cannot be connected. The N-type connector adopts a medium-sized screw locking system and has high weather resistance. In addition, the N-type connector also has the advantages of high robustness and high reliability, as well as excellent intermodulation performance.

N-type connector 

How to install N-type connectors?

The N head has three installation methods: screw connection, crimp connection, and welding (this is divided into the inner conductor and outer conductor). Generally speaking, the jumper wire uses the screw connection and welding method, the flexible wire uses the outer conductor crimping method, the inner conductor has the crimping method and the welding method, and the semi-rigid uses the welding method.


How to calculate the power of RF connector?

The power endurance of the RF connector is related to the size and material, and generally cannot be directly calculated. The same kind of connector, the use of different materials, the power endurance are also different. Generally speaking, the power endurance of the connector decreases as the signal frequency becomes higher. For radio frequency signals of the same frequency, the power of a large-size connector is large. For example, a general SMA connector can withstand about 500W of power at 2GHz and less than 100W at 18GHz. BMA is similar to SMA, and the power endurance of the N connector is about 3-4 times that of SMA. The above-mentioned power endurance refers to continuous wave power. If the incident power is a pulse, the power tolerance is even higher. Note that if the transmission process is not well matched and the standing wave is too large, the power on the connector may be greater than the incident power. Generally, for safety reasons, the power load on the joint should not exceed 1/2 of its limit power.


There are many types of N-type connectors, and you should choose the right one according to your needs. And, we must consider its quality. LenoRF, as a Chinese pioneer in RF interconnects, can ensure the products’ quality and the after-sales service.

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