​How can we understand the SMA connector correctly?
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​How can we understand the SMA connector correctly?

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SMA connectors have many forms, male, female, straight, right-angle, partition fittings, etc., so that they can be used in many places. Its ultra-small size also allows it to be used, even in relatively small electronic devices.


What can cause the difference in the performance of SMA connectors?

What are the components of the SMA connector?

What is the working principle of the SMA connector?


What can cause the difference in the performance of SMA connectors?

Whether the contact between two metal surfaces is good or not depends mainly on the material (different metals have different conductivity), contact pressure, and actual contact surface junction.

1. Regarding the types of materials, the plating materials of general devices are made of good conductors, which have little effect on poor contact, and at most affect contact resistance (of course, it also affects whether it is easy to be oxidized).

2. Regarding the contact pressure of the RF connector, the connector relies on the elastic force of the hole contact to give a certain pressure to the needle contact. Generally, the greater the pressure, the better the contact. Of course, generally small and thin hole contacts are unlikely to provide excessive pressure. And if the elasticity of the hole contact is not good, the pressure will be small and the contact will not be so good. At the same time, if the hole contact piece or the needle contact piece is deformed, the actual contact area will be small, which may lead to poor contact.

3. At the same time, the hole contact or pin contact of the RF connector is of course generally connected to the plastic. If the number of pins is too large, it may cause the position of one or several contacts to be installed on the plastic part to deviate, so, When the two connectors are inserted, the offset contacts may not make good contact.

SMA connectors 

What are the components of the SMA connector?

From the structural principle, the connector has three main parts, the contact pair, the insulator, and the shell.

1. The contact pair of the RF connector. According to the structure, it is divided into pinhole type, tuning fork type, and curved reed type. Most of them include the guiding part, the contact part, the mounting part, and the termination part.

2. The main function of the insulator of the RF connector is to support and fix the contact pairs so that the contact pairs are insulated from each other; to install additional devices for the connector.

3. The shell of the RF connector. Its main functions are protection and shielding of machinery and environment; support the installation of insulators; connection and separation of headers; installation of fixed connectors.


What is the working principle of the SMA connector?

SMA connectors are generally connections between pin contacts and hole contacts.

We know that the pins or terminals of components generally have a layer of plating, such as lead-tin alloy plating, pure tin plating, nickel plating, silver plating, silver-palladium alloy plating, gold plating, and so on. So the contact between components is the contact between these plated metals. Of course, the conductivity of different plating metals is different, and the corresponding contact resistance is also different. Generally, the conductivity of gold is better, followed by silver. In the welding process, since welding is a process of forming an alloy, the alloy itself is a good conductor, so the reliability of the welding itself is relatively high unless it is poor welding.


Many types of SMA connectors have played an important role in the communications industry. With the rapid development of 5G technology, the demand for SMA connectors is also increasing. LenoRF commits to provide perfect service for every customer from all countries.

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