How do we choose the right RF connector for our projects?
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How do we choose the right RF connector for our projects?

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RF (Radio Frequency) connectors are connectors designed to operate at RF for signal transmission of products such as radio, antennas, and coaxial cables. This is very important in our daily life.


What is the Classification of RF connectors?

What are the main components of the RF connector?

What are the professional features of RF coaxial connectors?


What is the Classification of RF connectors?

1. According to the connection interface structure, it is divided into:

bayonet type (internal bayonet, external bayonet): BNC

Threaded type (right-hand thread, left-hand thread): L29 (7/16), N, F, TNC, SMA, SMC, SSMA, SSMB, FME, L9 (1.6/5.6), 7mm, 3.5mm, 2.4mm, K (2.92mm), 1.85mm, 1mm;

Push type (in-line, self-locking): SMB, SSMB, MCX, MMCX, SMP, SMI, BMA, SAA;

flange connection type

2. According to the size:

Standard type: UHF, N, 7/16, 7mm;

Small: BNC, TNC;

Subminiature: SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, BMA, SAA, 3.5mm;

Micro: SSMA, SSMB, MMCX, 2.4mm, K (2.92mm), 1.85mm, 1mm

RF (Radio Frequency) connectors 

What are the main components of the RF connector?

1. Impedance: Almost all RF connectors and cables are standardized to an impedance of 50 ohms. The only exception is that 75 Ω systems are typically used for cable TV installation. It is also important that the cable connector RF coaxial matches the characteristic impedance of the cable, otherwise discontinuities and losses may occur.

2. Voltage to Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR): Ideally, the voltage to standing wave ratio should be 1. With outstanding design and implementation, the VSWR can stay below 1.2 in the target range.

3. Frequency range: Until now, almost all radio frequencies have operated in the range of 1-10 GHz, therefore the connectors should have less loss in this area, after more than 10 GHz (there are now a lot of connectors that operate in the 10 to 40 GHz range), there are new optional connectors; however, the cables themselves are very expensive.

4. Insertion Loss: This is the loss of the connector in the target frequency range. Losses are usually between 0.1 and 0.3 dB. To judge the importance of each watt (or watt decimal) in most designs even this small loss should be minimized, including in tools with missing links. It is located at the front end of low noise, with particularly strong signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio. weak.

5. Duration Cycle: Typically 500 or 1000 cycles For screw connections, the tightening torque specified by the supplier is an important factor in maintaining performance and reliability.

6. Electricity: The treatment of electricity is determined by two losses of resistance (heating) and damage to the insulation. In recent decades, the design has mainly been the pretreatment of tens of watts. Today, the design community is primarily focused on low power devices such as cell phones, Pico cells, nano-microscopic cell base stations, video interfaces, radio frequencies, and gadgets, and these ranges are below 1W, so the connectors may be smaller and the rated power limits smaller.


What are the professional features of RF coaxial connectors?

1. Many varieties and specifications: more than 20 international general series, more varieties, and specifications.

2. RF connectors rely on the mechanical structure to ensure the electrical characteristics, and it is an electromechanical-integrated product and has other low-frequency connectors

The essential difference.

3. Parts processing is mainly turning machine processing, and there are many manual assembly operations, which makes it difficult to carry out the automated assembly.

4. Slow product upgrades.

5. RF is an important part of the electrical connector, which is a labor-intensive product with certain technical content.

6. Product reliability, failure modes, and failure mechanisms are complex.


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