​How to choose phase stable cable assemblies?
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​How to choose phase stable cable assemblies?

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There are many types of phase-stabilized cable assemblies, each of which has different characteristics. To achieve the best results, customers need to choose the most suitable one according to the different properties of the phase-stabilized cable assembly. The following will briefly introduce phase-stabilized cable assemblies with different properties.


How to choose a phase stable cable assembly?

What is the standard of phase stable cable assemblies?

What is the latest development in phase-stabilized cable assemblies ? 


How to choose a phase stable cable assembly?

1. The choice of connector

High-frequency connectors (greater than 6GHz) are generally wired. Therefore, whether it is adjusted to an appropriate torque or not will greatly affect the system performance. If there are many combined interfaces, such as SMP (specified to execute at a higher frequency), there will be a compromise that affects system performance.

Low-frequency connectors (less than 6GHz) are generally modular designs, which have the expected advantage of low-cost installation, but it is also important to measure the limitations attached to this advantage.

phase-stabilized cable assemblies

2. Environmental factor

Operating temperature, low air humidity, and exposure to chemicals, liquids, sand, dust, salt spray, or ultraviolet radiation are all critical factors that need to be considered in the production of phase-stabilized cable assemblies, especially in mil/aero applications. Stable operation and continuous expansion and contraction need to be considered. Other factors that need to be paid attention to are the level and height of shock and vibration.

3. Electrical performance

The electrical performance that affects the selection of microwave cable components includes operating frequency range, attenuation (also called loss), return loss/voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) characteristics, and shielded cable outer conductor (to handle crosstalk, stray intrusion, and excess noise level) key).

Some phase-stabilized cable assemblies may require special consideration of phase stability and flexibility or phase stability and temperature and average/peak power. Phase matching and signal delay also need to be considered.


What is the standard of phase stable cable assemblies?

The stable phase is divided into mechanical phase-stabilized cable assemblies and temperature stable phase,

Mechanical phase stability: refers to the phase change of the coaxial cable during bending and vibration.

Temperature stable phase refers to the phase change of the coaxial cable during the temperature activation process.

Regardless of whether phase-stabilized cable assemblies is mechanical phase stability or temperature phase stability, the smaller the phase change, the better. The degree of change must first be measured.

Assuming that the standard is 18GHz, ±3°/m, the mechanical phase is tested according to the national military standard. If it is higher than ±3°, the cable cannot be called a phase-stable cable. There is no basis for talking about phase-stable without a standard. Only a comparison method can be used to measure the stability of each company's cable phase.

The temperature phase, according to the national military standard temperature cycle experiment method, do 10 cycles, the dielectric layer at both ends of the cable shrinks within 2mm, the temperature range is -50°~90°, the change of gore cable assembly: <500ppm.


What is the latest development in phase-stabilized cable assemblies?

1. The new phase stable cable can use male or female SMA or n-type plugs and can be used for 18GHz cables at most.

The connector is 2.92mm when the connection wire is 26.5Ghz and 2.4mm when the phase-stabilized cable assemblies is 40GHz.

3. The high torque connector head connects directly to the stainless steel pipe protector and offers a solid design that, with proper attention, can achieve a maximum of 5000 assembly cycles.

4. Cable armor can maintain the flexibility it needs in the laboratory environment and improve amplitude and phase stability by eliminating the stresses caused by excessive bending.


After learning so much information about phase-stabilized cable assemblies, it is also a difficult problem how to choose the one with high quality and low price among many manufacturers.  LenoRF has been a Chinese pioneer in RF interconnects for several years. They can work with customers from design to completion to ensure that all technical requirements are met.

Our company, Zhejiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD, occupies an area of 30 hectares and is equipped with world class equipment to make millimeter wave connectors and phase stable cables. We specialize in coaxial connectors, cable assembly, and passive devices. Our current products are the latest millimeter wave connector and phase stable cable on the market.

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