​What are the steps of installing the N-type connectors?
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​What are the steps of installing the N-type connectors?

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The N-type connector is one of the most common radio-frequency connectors. Learn to use the N-type connector correctly to play its function. The following will give a brief introduction to the use of the N-type connector.

How to install the N-type connector?

How to measure the insertion loss of the N-type connector and what should be paid attention to?

Steps to install N-type connector

How to install the N-type connector?

There are three ways to install the N head: screw connection, crimp connection, and welding (divided into an inner conductor and outer conductor). Generally speaking, jumper wires use screw connection and welding methods, and flexible wires use external conductors. In the crimping method, the internal conductor has a crimping method and a welding method, and the half-edge adopts the welding method.

N-type connector

How to measure the insertion loss of the N-type connector and what should be paid attention to?

1. There are many types of N-type connectors, including cables, circuit boards, and adapters.

2. The specific test method will be slightly different, but the vector network analyzer will be used as a measuring instrument.

3. Equipment: Vector Network Analyzer

Test the insertion loss of the cable assembly-the insertion loss of the cable (calculated in the data manual), and finally divide by 2 to get the insertion loss of a connector.

4. Generally speaking, the frequency is not high, and the insertion loss of the N-type connector is still relatively small.

Steps to install N-type connector

Step 1: Strip the wire, peel off the N head, and put on the joint, tail, gasket, and waterproof rubber ring;

Step 2: Install the small gasket on the shield first. Then insert the T-shaped tube into the outer skin and the shield;

Step 3: Peel off the insulating layer of the exposed wire. Expose the core of the wire. Pay attention to the length of the core. The length of the core should not be too short. If the small needle is still long, cut it short;

Step 4: Put on the small pins for free soldering and insert them directly to the end. Note that the size should not be too long or too short. Make the small pins just right on the front. If it is a small pin that needs to be soldered. Be careful not to solder;

Step 5: Put on the main body of the connector. Pay attention to whether the position of the small needle is correct. Be ingenious and work carefully;

Step 6: Tighten it with a wrench. The joint itself has a certain degree of waterproofing. (The red rubber ring will be stretched after being squeezed), but there are stronger waterproof requirements that can be marked with waterproof glue. For aesthetics Put on the heat-shrinkable tube. The 50-7 line with N male connector in this picture requires a heat-shrinkable tube with a diameter of 18mm.

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