​What can we know from RF connectors?
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​What can we know from RF connectors?

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RF (radio frequency) connectors are connectors that are designed to work at radio frequencies for signal transmission of products like radios, antennas, coaxial cables, etc. And it is of great importance in our daily life.

What is the meaning of RF connector?

How can we call these RF connectors?

How to use RF connectors?

What is the meaning of RF connector?

RF connector (hereinafter referred to as RFC) is usually regarded as a component attached to a cable or installed on an instrument as a component for electrical connection or separation of transmission lines. It belongs to mechatronics products. Simply speaking, it mainly serves as a bridge.

Compared with other electronic components, RF Connector has a shorter development history. There are two theories, one is that the UHF connector that appeared in 1930 is an early RF connector. However, many people believe that UHF connectors cannot be regarded as radio frequency connectors regardless of their use occasions or their basic design, but can only be called coaxial connectors.

In the second way, BNC is an early RF connector. During the Second World War, due to the urgent needs of the war, the damage of various types of shipboard airborne electronic equipment caused a lot of damage to the US naval and air combat weapons to be repaired. In order to shorten the repair time, the US Navy Department concentrated a part of scientific research personnel and engineers. In a relatively short period of time, a fast-plugging and separating connector-BNC (Bayonets-Navy? Connector) was invented, which became the originator of radio frequency coaxial connectors in the world.

RF (Radio Frequency) connectors

How can we call these RF connectors?

The naming of the RF connector consists of two parts: the main name code and the structure code, separated by a dash "-" in the middle. Main Designation Code The main designation code of the RF connector adopts the main designation code commonly used in the world. The naming of different structure forms of specific products is specified by the detailed specification, and the structure form represents the structure of the RF connector.

How to use RF connectors?

1. Before using the RF connector, check for damage such as metal particles, bent center conductors, cracked or deformed shells . Any damage should be repaired, or the damaged connector should be replaced. The RF connector should be kept clean and must not accumulate dust or other contaminants. The RF connector base should be smoothly mated without sticking or jamming. Do not force the connector to mate; if a problem occurs, check the connector again to determine the source of the problem.

2. When mating threaded RF connectors, please turn only the shell, not the connector base or the cable. Rotating the connector base may damage the center conductor. After the outer sleeve is manually tightened, please follow the manufacturer's instructions and use a calibrated torque wrench to achieve the specified tightening torque.

Take an example of an SMA connector. The picture on the left shows dirt and metal shavings accumulated on the dielectric, and the picture on the right shows after cleaning with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

So we can see the irreplaceable role that RF connectors has played in our daily life and industry production. LenoRF, a Chinese pioneer in RF interconnects, understands that each application is special. Our knowledgeable staff can find the best solution for any scenario, particularly when a custom product is required. We work with customers from design to completion to ensure that all technical requirements are met.

Our company, Zhejiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD, occupies an area of 30 hectares and is equipped with world class equipment to make millimeter wave connectors and phase stable cables. We specialize in coaxial connectors, cable assembly, and passive devices. Our current products are the latest millimeter wave connector and phase stable cable on the market.

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