​What is the meaning of phase stable cable assemblies?
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​What is the meaning of phase stable cable assemblies?

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Phase-stabilized cable assemblies are widely used in wireless communications and broadcasting, television, radar, navigation, computers, and instrumentation. Therefore, the demand for phase-stabilized cable assemblies is increasing year by year.

What is the method of selecting high-quality phase-stabilized cable assemblies?

What is the definition of phase stable cable assembly?

What is the use of low loss phase stable cable assembly?

What is the method of selecting high-quality phase-stabilized cable assemblies?

1. Choose the connector type with high-precision connection interfaces, such as SMA, TNC, and N connectors;

2. Choose low-loss, stable, and reliable coaxial cables, such as SFT, MaxGain, Heli-Foil, PhaseTrack, and other series;

3. Choose a connector with a low voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

Phase-stabilized cable assemblies

What is the definition of phase stable cable assembly?

The precision assembly of cable components and the quality of the assembly directly affect the mechanical and electrical properties of the components. It is well known that the so-called phase difference refers to the phase difference between two or more cable assemblies. Therefore, for cable assemblies with phase requirements, the medium requirements during processing and assembly are uniform.

The stable phase cable assembly is used to connect the electrical interconnection components between various electronic equipment systems or subsystems and is composed of various insulated wires, shielded wires and electrical connectors The service life and environmental requirements of phase-stabilized cable assemblies are getting higher and higher. At present, cable components with two-end connectors are commonly used. The central cable, cable, and connector are connected by crimping, installation or welding, and protected by heat-shrinkable tube or injection molding.

What is the use of low loss phase stable cable assembly?

1. Low loss stable phase cable assembly, working frequency up to 18 GHz, with industry-leading 83% speedup (VOP).

2. These phase-stabilized cable assemblies are used in military and aerospace, testing and measurement, broadcasting, and medical fields. All low loss components have passed 100% insertion loss and VSWR tests to ensure the performance level.

3. Lossless cable assembly has excellent phase stability in temperature and bending range. To improve the stability, it is necessary to provide a stable FEP sheath version of standard FEP sheath to support all SMA, TNC, and n-type connector interfaces

4. Future versions include high-frequency cable sets and additional connector interfaces to extend the operating frequency to more than 18 GHz.

5. The fundamental difference between standard RG cable and low-loss coaxial cable is the type of shielding. Compared with general RG-type cables, low-loss cables can provide you with excellent shielding. This is more environmentally friendly while improving work efficiency.

In addition, low-loss coaxial cables use solid center conductors. This provides lower attenuation than stranded conductors, which are sometimes found on RG-type cables.

6. Low-loss coaxial cables are designed for WLAN, cellular, PCS, ISM, and several other wireless applications.

Phase-stabilized cable assemblies  has been widely used in the high-tech industry. Therefore, it has high requirements for accuracy, energy consumption, and tolerance. Different types of phase-stabilized cable assemblies can meet different customer needs, but they all require high-quality products. Therefore, when purchasing phase-stabilized cable assemblies, customers should pay attention to the quality of the products. LenoRF skilled staff is easily accessible and collaborates with every aspect of our organization to better serve customers. their staff can provide the highest level of phase-stabilized cable assemblies by utilizing the most recent design and analysis tools.

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