​What should we know before choosing the right N-type connectors?
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​What should we know before choosing the right N-type connectors?

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Different connectors have different functions, and the N-type connector as a communication component also includes many different types. How to choose a suitable connector in a variety of markets is a necessary lesson before purchasing. Different types of connectors are described below.


What are the most commonly used N-type connectors?

What is the variation of the N-connection?

What is the development of N-type connectors?


What are the most commonly used N-type connectors?

1. 50-ohm reverse polarity N-type socket: N-type connectors are divided into 50-ohm impedance and 75-ohm impedance. The maximum frequency of 50-ohm N-type connectors is 12GHz. The coaxial connection is highly reliable. The screwdriver cannot be used between the two connectors. Between the connection. The N-type connection has a medium screw closure mode. In addition to good weather resistance, N-type connections also have advantages and excellent intermodulation performance.

2. 50-ohm straight N-type connection: N-type connectors are used to connect coaxial cables, printed circuit boards, or terminal blocks. All manufacturers manufacture according to technical requirements.

3. 50-ohm N-type right-angle connector: The structure of the N-type connector is divided into male, female, or female, and the style is standard polarity or reverse polarity. The shape of the n-type connector can be divided into straight polarity or reverse polarity. The right-angle, 4-hole flange type, press type, separate type, 2-hole plate type, 4-hole panel type, or free installation type. The termination methods of this N-type connector are clamping/welding, clamping/welding (static contact), crimping/welding, field exchange, welding, or welding. The n-type connectors provided by our company are classified into standard performance or high-performance quality, and the most important material is copper or stainless steel.

N-type connector 

What is the variation of the N-connection?

1.Reverse polarity-N

Reverse Polarity connectors use the same shell, but change the gender of the inner pen. These are used in some wireless LAN systems.

2. HN

The HN connection is slightly larger (3 / 4 "-20 screws) and is designed for high voltage applications.

3. Left screw

The left screw or the reverse screw uses the same 5 /8-24unef screw size, but the screw direction is the opposite. These are used in some wireless LAN systems.

4. Snap-N

Snap-N, originally designed by Rosenberger High-Pressure Technique in 2006, is a widely used alternative to fast locking the n-type connector thread interface. Rosenberger engineer developed snap-N, It is part of the stereotypical alliance (QLF). Unlike QN, this new version realizes that the inner size of the outer conductor is 7,00mm and the outer size of the inner conductor is 3,04mm, which ensures the excellent electronic performance of the original n-type basic structural parameters. You can insert the plug into the parent coordinates.


What is the development of N-type connectors?

1. Connector technology with higher accuracy and lower cost

Since automobiles have very high requirements for safety, automobile connectors are originally a very large market. With the development of electric vehicles, connectors will require higher accuracy and cost, and they will be more popular than previous connectors.

2. Smarter connector technology

With the advent of the AI area, connectors may not only implement simple transmission functions. In the future, in switching power supplies, in addition to ensuring the data of electrical signals, connectors may be able to perform simple intelligent judgment and protection, output correct data while avoiding power failures. Damage, of course, requires the support of IC technology.

3. Automated production technology of connectors

In the traditional connector design and production, manual labor accounts for the main part. With the development of industrial automation, especially the precision processing of connectors, abrasive tools, and CAD, these advanced machines will become the main force of the industry.


After understanding the various types of N-type connectors, choosing the right connector also requires choosing the quality. LenoRF, as a Chinese pioneer in RF interconnects, will try its best to ensure the connectors’quality and the after-sales service.

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