​What is the application of the phase-stable cable assemblies?
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​What is the application of the phase-stable cable assemblies?

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The performance requirements of the phase-stable cable assemblies are mainly put forward from the aspects of the purpose of each specific product, the conditions of use, and the cooperation relationship of the supporting equipment. The following will briefly introduce its various information.

What are phase-stable cable assemblies?

What is the structure commonly used for low-loss phase-stable cables?

What is the application of Low-loss and phase-stable l cable assembly?

What are phase-stable cable assemblies?

The phase-stable cable assemblies are used to connect the electrical connection components between different electronic equipment systems or sub-systems. It is composed of various insulated wires, shielded wires, and electrical connectors. With the widespread application of cable assemblies in the communication field, the requirements for the stability, service life, and environmental resistance of the cable assemblies are becoming higher and higher. At present, the commonly used cable assemblies are connectors at both ends, the middle cable, the cable, and the connector are connected by crimping, mounting, or welding and the jacket is protected by heat shrinkable tubing or injection molding.

phase-stable cable assemblies

What is the structure commonly used for low-loss phase-stable cables?

1. Insulation material: Through the design of the low-loss phase-stable cables, to formulate the environment of temperature and humidity at the time of manufacture, and to realize an excellent packaging process, the process data for which no gap tolerance is specified in the document is also digitally processed.

2. Outer conductor: silver-plated copper band wrapping and double structure woven with silver-plated soft ring copper wire. To realize the purpose of low loss and phase stability, the following controls should be implemented during the manufacturing process. Adjust. Enter the optimal wire angle. Second, use a large outer diameter to reduce bending.

3.Inner conductor: Used for low-loss phase-stable cables in aviation. It is designed concerning national standard parameters. In addition to the basic mechanical performance requirements of the conductor, the inner conductor is used for the transmission of radio frequency signals. The skin effect was also taken into account. The outer and inner conductors of the outer conductor have an effective transmission.

What is the application of Low-loss and phase-stable l cable assembly?

Low-loss and phase-stablel cable assembly, operating frequency up to 18 GHz, with industry-leading 83% velocity propagation (VoP).

These coaxial cable assemblies are used in the military and aerospace, test and measurement, broadcast, and medical markets. All low-loss components have passed 100% insertion loss and VSWR tests to ensure performance levels.

The low-loss coaxial cable assembly has excellent phase stability in the temperature and bending range. To improve stability, it is necessary to provide a sturdy FEP jacket version of the standard FEP jacket, all of which use SMA, TNC, and N-type connector interfaces.

Future versions will include higher frequency cable assemblies and additional connector interfaces, extending the operating frequency to above 18 GHz.

Among the various performance requirements of a phase-stable cable assemblies product, some of them must be the main ones, which play a decisive role and should be strictly required. Some belong. But quality is always the most important thing. And LenoRF, as a leading company in China's RF connector industry, has committed to providing the most suitable phase-stable cable assemblies at a reasonable price, and whatever it takes to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Our company, Zhejiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD, occupies an area of 30 hectares and is equipped with world class equipment to make millimeter wave connectors and phase stable cables. We specialize in coaxial connectors, cable assembly, and passive devices. Our current products are the latest millimeter wave connector and phase stable cable on the market.

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