​How to use RF connectors?
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​How to use RF connectors?

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The RF connector is a component that our electronic engineering and technical personnel often called. It has become an important industrial component in the 5G era. How to use the radio frequency receiver correctly has also become a problem that people are increasingly concerned about in the industrial production process.

What are the Connector categories and industry specifications of RF connectors?

How to choose different types of RF connectors?

How to maintain the RF connector while in use?

What are the Connector categories and industry specifications of RF connectors?

Before we know how to use RF connectors correctly, we need to know the different types of these things in order to find the type that fit our production.

RF Connectors are divided into many different categories. Precision connectors (such as 1 mm to 2.92 mm connectors and N-type connectors) belong to the IEEE-STD-287 specification. These RF connectors have a more precise size tolerance, which is determined by their wide bandwidth applications. More common connectors belong to the MIL-STD-348 specification, or comply with a certain European standard, such as CECC 22220. The tolerances of these connectors are more relaxed, so there is an opportunity to save costs.

RF connector

How to choose different types of RF connectors?

When choosing a RF connector, first consider what bandwidth is required to process the signal used, and then consider the size and mechanical configuration (plug, socket, soldering, panel mounting, etc.).

1. Let's take the output RF connector of a 1 GHz signal generator as an example. Since this is a test and measurement signal source, BNC connectors are a common choice. The BNC has a bandwidth greater than 1 GHz and can be used as a panel mount socket. Amphenol RF's 31-221-RFX model BNC socket is a good choice.

2. When selecting RF connectors for frequency signals exceeding 10 GHz, consider using SMA connectors, such as Amphenol SV Microwave SF2950-6062, or using 2.92 mm precision connectors, such as Amphenol SV Microwave SF1521-60013. The choice may be a trade-off between bandwidth and cost. The bandwidth of the 2.9 mm RF connector is more than twice that of SMA, but while it has bandwidth advantages, its cost is almost three times that of the latter.

3. If size is the primary specification, the durability of the RF connector should be considered. For example, Molex LLC MMCX jack model 0734152063 is rated for 500 mating cycles. Hirose Electric Co.'s U.FL-R-SMT(10) is small in size, but it can withstand only 30 mating times. In addition, there may also be significant cost differences.

How to maintain the RF connector while in use?

1. The RF connector should be kept clean. The best way to ensure cleanliness is to use the protective cover when the connector is not in use. If the connector is contaminated with dust, it should be cleaned.

2. RF Connectors with solid dielectrics can be cleaned with a lint-free cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Be careful not to bend the center conductor pin.

3. It is also a good practice to clean the internal and external threads of threaded RF connectors. Do not clean with a cotton swab on connectors that use air media, because the media beads used to fix the components may be damaged by solvents. They can be cleaned with dry compressed air.

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