​What is the importance of millimeter wave connectors?
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​What is the importance of millimeter wave connectors?

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Millimeter wave connectors, which have the advantages of small size but high precision, have attracted more and more attention in the international market. In the production and application of optical fiber broadband, millimeter wave connectors have an irreplaceable role. The millimeter wave connector will be briefly introduced below.

What does the development of a millimeter wave connector look like?

What is the millimeter wave connector theory?

What is the significance of the millimeter wave connectors?

What does the development of a millimeter wave connector look like?

The millimeter wave connector development requires miniaturization, high density, high-speed transmission and high frequency.

1. The total number of effective contacts of the high density printed circuit board connector (printed circuit board) can reach 600 cores, and the maximum number of special components can reach 5000 cores.

2. High-speed transmission means that modern computer, information technology and network technology require that the time ratio of signal transmission reaches megahertz frequency band and the pulse time reaches sub-millimeter, so a high-speed transmission connector is needed.

3. Miniaturization means that the mean distance of the connector is short, the density is high and several cores are realized.

4. To adapt to the development of millimeter wave technology, the coaxial connector comes into the working range of millimeter wave. Connector is a component that electronic engineers and technicians often contact. This function is very simple. Construct the communication bridge between the blocked circuit or the isolated one Circuit to generate the flow of current and let the circuit realize the specified function.

Millimeter wave connectors

What is the millimeter wave connector theory?

The millimeter wave connector is a part of the coaxial line, so the theory of coaxial line applies here too, but at the end of the day, it's not as easy as a coaxial line, the diameter of the insulator, inner conductor, and outer conductor changes regularly depending on construction requirements.

The transmission properties of the electric field cannot be converted into a uniform coaxial line. In addition, for manufacturing reasons, there are inevitable errors that affect the accuracy of the millimeter wave connector. Connection theory needs to solve this series of problems. Some useful design parameters can be determined through theoretical analysis and calculation, but some problem factors are very complex, so it is difficult to do theoretical calculations. Only by experimenting with the typical structure to find its regularity, it can be used to construct the theoretical action of the connector.

What is the significance of the millimeter wave connectors?

Millimeter wave connector adopts air interface, which has the characteristics of small volume, lightweight, and high reliability, since the size of the connector is close to the wavelength, any small change will greatly affect the electrical performance of the connector, thus making high precision requirements on the structure and size of the millimeter wave connector. Small volume and high precision place higher demands on the manufacturing technology.

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