​What is a low-loss phase-stable cable?
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​What is a low-loss phase-stable cable?

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Low-loss phase-stable cable is abbreviated as phase-stable cable. It is a high-tech product in the field of radio frequency cables. It uses microporous PTFE insulation, silver-plated copper foil wrapping, and braided Phase stability and high power and other electrical properties. The following will give a brief introduction to low-loss phase-stable cable.

What is the meaning of low-loss phase-stable cable?

What is the commonly used structure of low-loss phase-stable cables?

What are the common advantages of low-loss phase-stable cables?

What is the meaning of low-loss phase-stable cable?

1. Low loss refers to the relatively low attenuation (or loss) of the cable with distance. The fundamental difference between standard RG cable and low-loss coaxial cable is the type of shielding. Compared with general RG-type cables, low-loss cables can provide you with excellent shielding. This is more environmentally friendly while improving work efficiency.

2. In addition, low-loss coaxial cables use solid center conductors. This provides lower attenuation than stranded conductors, which are sometimes found on RG type cables.

Low-loss coaxial cables are designed for WLAN, cellular, PCS, ISM, and several other wireless applications.

Low-loss phase-stable cable

What is the commonly used structure of low-loss phase-stable cables?

1. Outer conductor: the double-layer structure of silver-plated copper ribbon wrapping and silver-plated soft round copper wire braided. To achieve the purpose of low loss and phase stability, the following control needs to be carried out during production: adjust the wrapping Enter the wire angle to the best state; secondly, use the introduction of a large outer diameter to reduce bending.

2. Inner conductor: A low-loss phase-stabilized cable for aviation. It is designed with reference to national standard parameters. In addition to the basic mechanical performance requirements of the conductor, it also considers the skin effect of radio frequency signals when transmitted in the inner conductor. The outer surface and the inner surface of the outer conductor carry out effective transmission.

3. Insulation: Through the design of the product, the environmental requirements for temperature and humidity during production are formulated, and the process data is also digitally processed without specifying the pitch tolerance in the document, to achieve an excellent wrapping process.

What are the common advantages of low-loss phase-stable cables?

1. Low-loss phase-stabilized cable has excellent electrical properties such as bandwidth, low standing wave, good uniformity, and stable phase.

2. Low-loss phase-stable cables also have excellent physical characteristics such as small size, light weight, stable structure, and good flexibility.

3. The low-loss phase-stable cable means that the phase of the main frequency signal transmitted by it is relatively stable when the external conditions change. It is widely used in ground radar arrays, aerospace radars, marine radars, satellites, mobile communications, and high-precision instrument measurement.

Low-loss phase-stable cables are the development of cables in the new era. It has the advantages of relatively low loss, high speed, and energy saving, and its demand in the international market is also increasing. However, due to the difficulty of producing low-loss phase-stabilized cables, the products on the market are uneven. LenoRF has committed to providing the most suitable low-loss phase-stable cable at a reasonable price and would meet any needs of consumers all over the world through high-quality services.

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