MCX Connector Jack Straight For PCB Through Hole
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MCX Connector Jack Straight For PCB Through Hole

A snap-on locking mechanism is included with MCX 50 OHMS coaxial connectors. They are mostly used in fixed and wireless communication systems with RF cable connections up to 6 GHz. MCX connectors are known for their great durability, extended service life, and ease of installation. The PCB connectors come in tape and reel packaging for automated board assembly, as well as blister packing. Non-magnetic options are also available for medical and aeronautical applications.
  • 22-852
  • 85-5011-011-01
  • Female 
  • Straight 
  • PCB Hole through 
  • Crimping 
  • N/A
  • 85-5011-011-01.pdf
  • 85-5011-011-01.stp
ConductBrass/   Silver or Golden Plating
BodyBrass   /Ternary or nickel or silver
Other PartsBrass/   Nickel Plating
Electric Performance
Impedance50   OHMS
Frequency Range0-3GHz
Rating Voltage500V
Temperature Rating-65°C   to +165°C
Corrosion (Salt Spray)MIL-STD-202,   Method 101, Condition B
VibrationMIL-STD-202,   Method 204, Condition D, 20 Gs
ShockMIL-STD-202,   Method 213, Condition I, 100 Gs
Thermal ShockMIL-STD-202,   Method 107. Cond. B, -65°C to +125°C
Moisture ResistanceMIL-STD-202,   Method 106, Less Step 7B
Barometric Pressure (Altitude)MIL-STD-202,   Method 105, Condition C, 70k Ft.