​What do you know about the 1.85mm RF Connector?
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​What do you know about the 1.85mm RF Connector?

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The 1.85mm RF connector is a kind of millimeter wave connector, which has the advantages of smaller size, higher density, and faster speed, and has become a very popular radio frequency connector in the market.


What is the 1.85mm RF Connector?

What is the development prospect of millimeter wave connectors?

What is the working principle of the millimeter wave connector?


What is the 1.85mm RF Connector?

The 1.85mm connector (also known as the V connector) is a precision millimeter wave connector. The interface port of the 1.85mm RF connector is compatible with the 2.4mm connector. This type of connector uses air and high-strength polyetherimide ( As a supporting medium, PEI can provide the lowest reflection coefficient after optimization by advanced finite element electromagnetic simulation technology, and its use frequency can be from DC to 67GHz. The maximum VSWR of the cable connector is 1.35:1 (DC-65GHz), and the maximum VSWR of the panel connector and adapter is 1.11:1 (DC-18GHz), 1.14:1 (18-26.5GHz), 1.30:1 (26.5-65GHz).

 1.85mm RF connector

What is the development prospect of millimeter wave connectors?

The development of connectors should be miniaturized, high-density, high-speed transmission, and high-frequency.

1. Miniaturization means that the center distance of the connector is smaller, and the high density is to achieve a large number of cores.

2. The total number of effective contacts of high-density PCB (printed circuit board) connectors reaches 600 cores, and the maximum number of dedicated components can reach 5000 cores.

3. High-speed transmission means that modern computers, information technology, and network technology require that the time-scale rate of signal transmission reaches the megahertz frequency band, and the pulse time reaches sub-milliseconds, so high-speed transmission connectors are required.

4. The high frequency is to adapt to the development of millimeter wave technology, and the RF connectors have entered the millimeter wave working for frequency band. The connector is a component that our electronic engineering and technical personnel often contact. Its function is very simple: to build a bridge of communication between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current can flow, and the circuit can realize the predetermined function.


What is the working principle of the millimeter wave connector?

The working principle of the millimeter wave connector is as follows:

The millimeter wave connector is broadly speaking, it is a section of the coaxial line, so the basic theory of coaxial line transmission is also applicable here. But after all, it is not as simple as a coaxial line. Due to structural requirements, insulators are introduced, and the diameter of the inner and outer conductors is stepped. It cannot be a uniform coaxial line, which changes the electric field transmission characteristics. In addition, due to manufacturing reasons, there are inevitable errors that affect the accuracy of the connector. This series of problems is what the connector theory needs to solve.

Some reasonable design parameters can be obtained through theoretical analysis and calculation, but some problem factors are very complex and difficult to perform theoretical calculations. Even calculations may not be accurate. Only through experiments on typical structures to find out their regularity, use To guide the theoretical design of the connector.


The 1.85mm RF connector is a miniature RF connector that meets the market needs of the 5G era, so the supply is in short supply. LenoRF has been focused on RF connectors for several years. They will make every effort to meet the needs of users.

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