​What do you know about RF connectors?
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​What do you know about RF connectors?

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The radio frequency connector is defined as a separable component that is usually installed on a cable or equipment for the electrical connection of a transmission line system. It can be seen from this definition that it has the common feature of the "separable element" connector.

What is the Connector rated power of the RF connector?

What is the Connector bandwidth of the RF connector?

What is the function of RF connectors?

What is the Connector rated power of the RF connector?

The manufacturer does not provide a power dissipation rating for the connector because the specification is highly dependent on the specific application. Power dissipation varies with frequency, system VSWR, temperature, altitude, and load impedance. Generally speaking, the power capacity varies directly with the size and heat dissipation capacity of the connector. The maximum power dissipation value decreases as the frequency increases.

The RF connector with the highest power capacity is the N-type connector, with capacities of 300 and 400 watts (W). Next are BNC and SMA connectors. The power of precision connectors is limited to tens of watts. Once again, if a high-power operation is required, it is very important to contact the manufacturer to obtain a more accurate power dissipation specification.

radio frequency connector

What is the Connector bandwidth of the RF connector?

The key specification for coaxial connectors is bandwidth. This specification describes the maximum frequency of use of the connector. The maximum usable frequency of the RF connector is a function of the diameter of the housing and the material used as the dielectric. The smaller the housing diameter, the higher the maximum usable frequency. Likewise, the use of air as a dielectric provides the highest frequency performance relative to other dielectrics. Therefore, the highest bandwidth connectors use air as the dielectric.

What is the function of RF connectors?

The connector is a component that our electronic engineering and technical personnel often contact. Its function is very simple: to build a bridge of communication between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current can flow and the circuit can realize the predetermined function. RF Connectors are an indispensable part of electronic equipment. Observing along the path of current flow, you will always find one or more connectors. Connector forms and structures are ever-changing. There are various types of connectors with different application objects, frequencies, power, and application environments.

For example, the connectors for lighting on the court and the connectors for hard drives, and the connectors for lighting rockets are quite different. But no matter what kind of connector, it is necessary to ensure that the current flows smoothly, continuously, and reliably. In general, terms, what the connector is connected to is not limited to current. In today's rapid development of optoelectronics technology, the carrier of the signal transmission is light in the optical fiber system. Glass and plastic replace the wires in the ordinary circuit, but the optical signal Connectors are also used in the pathways, and their functions are the same as circuit connectors.

With the rapid development of communication technology, RF connectors are being used more and more widely than before. LenoRF, the pioneer of China's radio frequency interconnection, knows that every application is special. Our knowledgeable staff can find the best solution for any situation, especially if you need a customized product. We work with customers from design to completion to ensure that all technical requirements are met.

Our company, Zhejiang LenoRF Industry co. LTD, occupies an area of 30 hectares and is equipped with world class equipment to make millimeter wave connectors and phase stable cables. We specialize in coaxial connectors, cable assembly, and passive devices. Our current products are the latest millimeter wave connector and phase stable cable on the market.

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