​What is the advantage of phase stable cable assemblies?
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​What is the advantage of phase stable cable assemblies?

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The phase stable cable assembly is a flexible cable that has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, and high accuracy. Therefore, it has been widely used in the electronic communication industry.

Why phase stable cable assemblies are better than traditional ones?

What are the general benefits of Low Loss phase stable cable?

What is the general structure for Low Loss phase stable cable?

Why phase stable cable assemblies are better than traditional ones?

RF coaxial cables are divided into three types: semi-rigid and semi-soft flexible cables. Phase stable cable assembly is a kind of semi-soft flexible cables. Different types of cables should be selected for different applications. Semi-rigid and semi-flexible cables are generally used for interconnection within equipment; in the field of test and measurement, flexible cables should be used.

As the name suggests, this kind of phase stable cable assembly is not easy to be bent into shape. Its outer conductor is made of an aluminum tube or copper tube, and its radio frequency leakage is very small (<-120dB), and the signal crosstalk caused in the system is negligible. . The passive intermodulation characteristics of this cable are also very ideal. If you want to bend to a certain shape, you need a special molding machine or a manual abrasive tool to complete it. Such troublesome processing technology is exchanged for very stable performance. Semi-rigid cables use solid PTFE material as the filling medium. This material has very stable temperature characteristics, especially under high-temperature conditions, and has very good phase stability. Sex. The cost of semi-rigid cables is higher than that of semi-flexible cables, and they are widely used in various radio frequency and microwave systems.

phase stable cable assembly

What are the general benefits of Low Loss phase stable cable?

1.Low Loss phase stable cable have good electrical properties such as bandwidth, low standing wave, good uniformity, stable phase, etc.

2. Low Loss phase stable cable have excellent physical properties such as small size, lightweight, stable structure, and excellent flexibility.

3.Low Loss phase stable cable refer to the relatively stable phase of the main frequency signal transmitted by the cable when the external conditions change, it is widely used in underground radar arrays, aerospace radar, marine radar, satellite, mobile communications, and high-precision instrumentation measurement.

What is the general structure for Low Loss phase stable cable?

1. Outer conductor: double-layer structure made of silver-plated copper tape packaging and silver-plated, flexible ring braided copper wire. To achieve low loss and phase stability, the following controls must be carried out in the manufacturing process. Adjust the packaging. Enter the best wire angle. Second, use a Large outside diameter to reduce bending.

2. Inner Conductor: Aviation low-drop phase stable cable, this is designed concerning the national standard parameters, in addition to the basic mechanical properties of the conductor, it also takes into account the skin effect of the radio frequency signal, the outer and inner parts of the outer conductor transmit effectively.

3. Thermal insulation materials: The Low Loss phase stable cable design formulates the environmental requirements for temperature and humidity during manufacture. To achieve an excellent packaging process, the process data is also processed digitally without specified gaps in the document.

The index of the flexible test cable must be good and stable. The selection of a Low Loss phase stable cable should be based on the practical application, frequency, loss, VSWR, joint material, service life, radio frequency leakage, passive intermodulation and cost, and other factors, rather than simply From the price point of view, because in the testing process, the biggest impact on the overall cost is often the test efficiency and output yield. LenoRF, as a Chinese pioneer in RF interconnects, can ensure the products’ quality and the after-sales service for any Low Loss phase stable cable. They are confident to provide customers with high-quality and inexpensive goods and services.

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